Ordering LogoManager

The full version of LogoManager can be ordered securely online, or by telephone, fax or mail order.  For full details on ordering, please visit the order page on the web site:


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Before you order

Benefits of the full version


The cost of registering the full version is dependent on how you wish to use this product.  For most people, the Personal Edition is sufficient, however if you intend to make use of LogoManager beyond this, then a business or commercial licence is required.  For full details on the different licence types, please read the licence agreement.

Licence type Personal use? Business use? For-profit use? Number of machines Price (ex VAT)
Personal Yes No No 1 US $24.95
Business Yes Yes No 1 US $89
Dealer Yes Yes No 2 US $89
Commercial Yes Yes Yes 3 US $495

Note that prices can vary depending on exchange rates. VAT is not charged on orders placed outside the European Union; VAT is charged at 17.5% within the EU.  The online ordering process applies to the Internet version of this product; an equivalent packaged retail version may also be available from your local dealer.

Placing your order

Click here to buy LogoManager now 
     (connect to the Internet first)


How do I order by phone, fax or postal mail?

If you are not registering online, please click here for an order form/price list. Contact addresses and phone numbers can be found at the bottom of this form.

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