The Network Monitor

Disclaimer: This feature is included only for completeness.  Please only use the network monitor if you understand the field test and engineering displays.  Technical support does not cover usage of the network monitor and activation is at the user's own risk.

The network monitor menu is a hidden menu available in many older mobile phones that allows field engineers to test various network parameters. On Nokia phones, there is also an engineering mode that displays a lot more information about the internal functions of the handset itself. Although in general it is safe to view the information in these menus, it is not recommended that you execute functions on the handset, as this could temporarily affect the phone's performance (most settings can be reversed by power cycling the phone).  

On many phones, LogoManager allows you to gain direct access to these displays in a window without having to worrying about finding them on the handset. The details of the information on these displays are far to lengthy to go into here, but the articles below should give you a start. To see the display, you will first need to activate the monitor mode using the "Enable" button in the dialog box.

Once enabled, you can also view Network Monitor on the handset display, but do be aware that jumping directly to a few of the menus enters 'execute mode' where changes can be made to the phones parameters (not recommended). Scrolling down to the screens using the arrow keys will keep you in 'view only' mode. To display the hints screens, hold down the * key, and to switch off monitor mode on the handset, jump to menu 00.

If you see the 'not available from phone' message, then this means that the handset can not send the screen contents to the PC.  You may still be able to view the menus directly on the handset display.

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