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Handset Compatibility

The following handset models have built-in support for profiles and uploading and downloading compositions directly from within the application (using a suitable cable, infrared or Bluetooth connection). Profile support means that the software can be used to emulate the handset's capabilities on the PC.

Even if your handset is not listed, this software is also suitable for standalone design of MIDI music for other phones and playback devices that support MIDI - support for profiling and direct upload is not necessary if you just want to create or edit a MIDI file.

515 phone types supported

Any listed support for new or non-NokiaOS models (greyed out, or denoted by *) may be unofficial at the present time. If you have one of these models, let us know!
Model Direct upload of
polyphonic ringtones
Nokia 1110/1110B/1110i/1112 Reported OK
Nokia 1112B/1116 Reported OK
Nokia 1600/1600B/1650/1650b Reported OK
Nokia 1661/1661-2/1661-2b/1662 Reported OK
Nokia 1662-2/1680c-2/1680c-2b/1682c Reported OK
Nokia 2112/2115i/2116i/2118 Reported OK
Nokia 2125/2125i/2126/2126i Reported OK
Nokia 2128i Reported OK
Nokia 2220s-2 (Slide)/2220s-2b (Slide)/2255 Reported OK
Nokia 2300/2300B/2310/2310B Reported OK
Nokia 2320c-2/2320c-2b/2323/2330c-2 Reported OK
Nokia 2330c-2b Reported OK
Nokia 2355*/2362*/2365i*/2366i* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 2367i* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 2505* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 2600/2600B/2600 Classic/2600 Classic B Reported OK
Nokia 2610/2610b/2611/2626 Reported OK
Nokia 2630/2650/2651/2652 Reported OK
Nokia 2660/2680 Slide/2680 Slide 2/2680 Slide 2b Reported OK
Nokia 2700c (classic)/2700c-2 (classic)/2720a (fold)/2720a-2 (fold) Reported OK
Nokia 2720a-2b (fold)/2730c-1 (classic)/2730c (classic)/2760 Reported OK
Nokia 2760h Reported OK
Nokia 2855/2855i/2865/2865i Reported OK
Nokia 2875*/2875i* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 3100/3100b/3105/3108 Reported OK
Model Direct upload of
polyphonic ringtones
Nokia 3109 (Classic)/3109 (Classic B)/3110 (Classic)/3120 Reported OK
Nokia 3120b/3120 Classic/3120c-1b (Classic)/3125 Reported OK
Nokia 3128/3129/3152/3155 Reported OK
Nokia 3155i Reported OK
Nokia 3200/3200B/3205/3205i Reported OK
Nokia 3220/3220b Reported OK
Nokia 3230*/3250* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 3300/3300B Reported OK
Nokia 3500 Classic/3510/3510i/3520 Reported OK
Nokia 3530/3560/3570/3585 Reported OK
Nokia 3585i/3586/3586i/3587i Reported OK
Nokia 3588i/3589i/3590/3595 Reported OK
Nokia 3600 (Slide)/3600b (Slide)/3602 (Slide) Reported OK
Nokia 3606*/3608* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 3720c Reported OK
Nokia 5000/5000d-2/5000d-2b/5070 Reported OK
Nokia 5070B Reported OK
Nokia 5100/5100A/5130c (XpressMusic)/5130c-2 (XpressMusic) Reported OK
Nokia 5140/5140b/5140i Reported OK
Nokia 5200/5200b/5220b (XpressMusic)/5220 (XpressMusic) Reported OK
Nokia 5300/5300b/5310 (XpressMusic)/5310b (XpressMusic) Reported OK
Nokia 5500d* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 5610 (XpressMusic)/5610d-1 (XpressMusic)/5610d-1b (XpressMusic)/5610d-2b (XpressMusic) Reported OK
Nokia 5700 (XpressMusic)*/5730 (XpressMusic)* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 5800 (XpressMusic)* Partial or unofficial
Model Direct upload of
polyphonic ringtones
Nokia 6010/6011i/6012/6015 Reported OK
Nokia 6015i/6016i/6019i/6020 Reported OK
Nokia 6020B/6021/6030/6030B Reported OK
Nokia 6060/6060v/6061/6066 Reported OK
Nokia 6070/6070B/6080/6080B Reported OK
Nokia 6085/6085H/6086/6086b Reported OK
Nokia 6100/6101/6101b/6102 Reported OK
Nokia 6102b/6102h/6102i/6103 Reported OK
Nokia 6103b/6108 Reported OK
Nokia 6110 Navigator* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6111/6112 Reported OK
Nokia 6120 (Classic 1)*/6120 (Classic 5)*/6121 (Classic)*/6124 (Classic)* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6125/6126/6126h/6131 Reported OK
Nokia 6131 NFC/6133/6133b/6135 Reported OK
Nokia 6136/6136b/6151/6152 Reported OK
Nokia 6155/6155i/6165/6165i Reported OK
Nokia 6170/6170B/6175i/6178i Reported OK
Nokia 6200 Reported OK
Nokia 6210s-5 (Navigator)*/6210s-1c (Navigator)*/6210s-1b (Navigator)* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6220 Reported OK
Nokia 6220c-1*/6220c-5* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6225/6225i/6230/6230b Reported OK
Nokia 6230i/6233/6234/6235 Reported OK
Nokia 6235i/6236i/6255/6255i Reported OK
Nokia 6256/6256i Reported OK
Model Direct upload of
polyphonic ringtones
Nokia 6260*/6260b* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6263/6265/6267/6265i Reported OK
Nokia 6270/6275/6275i/6280 Reported OK
Nokia 6282/6288 Reported OK
Nokia 6290*/6290b* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6300/6300B/6300i/6301 Reported OK
Nokia 6303/6305i Reported OK
Nokia 6500 (Classic)/6500c-5 (Classic)/6500s-1 (Slide)/6500s-5 (Slide) Reported OK
Nokia 6600f-1/6600s (Slide)/6600i-1c (Slide)/6600s-1c (Slide) Reported OK
Nokia 6600s (Slide) Reported OK
Nokia 6555/6555b/6555c/6560 Reported OK
Nokia 6585/6585i Reported OK
Nokia 6610/6610i Reported OK
Nokia 6620*/6630* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6650/6651 Reported OK
Nokia 6650d-1bH (Fold)*/6650d-1c (Fold)*/6670*/6670b* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6680*/6681*/6682* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6700c-1 (Classic) Reported OK
Nokia 6710s-1 (Navigator)*/6710s (Navigator)*/6720c-1 (Classic)*/6720c-1b (Classic)* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6730c-1 (Classic)* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6750-1b (Mural) Reported OK
Nokia 6760s-1 (Slide)*/6790s-1b (Slide)*/6790s-1c (Surge)* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 6800/6800A/6810/6820 Reported OK
Nokia 6820B/6820i/6822/6822b Reported OK
Nokia 7070 Prism/7070d-2 (Prism)/7070d-2b (Prism) Reported OK
Model Direct upload of
polyphonic ringtones
Nokia 7100s-2 (Supernova)/7100s-2b (Supernova) Reported OK
Nokia 7200/7200B/7210/7210c (Supernova) Reported OK
Nokia 7212c (Supernova)/7250/7250i/7260 Reported OK
Nokia 7270/7270B/7280/7280B Reported OK
Nokia 7310 (Supernova)/7310b (Supernova)/7360/7370 Reported OK
Nokia 7373/7380/7390 Reported OK
Nokia 7500 (Prism)/7500b (Prism)/7510a-b (Supernova) Reported OK
Nokia 7600 Reported OK
Nokia 7610*/7610B* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 7610s (Supernova)/7612s (Supernova)/7610s-b (Supernova) Reported OK
Nokia 7710* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 7900 Prism Reported OK
Nokia 8600d (Luna) Reported OK
Nokia 8800/8800d (Sirocco)/8800e-1 (Arte)/8801 Reported OK
Nokia 9300*/9300i* Partial or unofficial
Nokia 9500*/9500b* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E50-1*/E50-2*/E51-1*/E51-2* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E52-1*/E52-2*/E52-3* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E60-1*/E61-1*/E62-1*/E63-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E63-2*/E63-3*/E65-1*/E66-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E66-2*/E66-3*/E66-5* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E70-1*/E70-2*/E71-1*/E71-2* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E71-3*/E71-5*/E71*/E72-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia E72-2*/E72-5*/E75-1*/E75-2* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N70-1*/N70-5*/N71-1*/N71-5* Partial or unofficial
Model Direct upload of
polyphonic ringtones
Nokia N72-5*/N73-1*/N73-5*/N75-3* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N76-1*/N76-5*/N77-1*/N77-5* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N78-1*/N78-3*/N78-5*/N79-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N79-3*/N79-5* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N80-3*/N80-1*/N80-2*/N81-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N81-3*/N81-5*/N81-6*/N82-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N82-5*/N85-1*/N85-3*/N85-5* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N86-1 (8MP)*/N86-3 (8MP)*/N86-5 (8MP)* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N90-1*/N91-2*/N91-6*/N92-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N92-2*/N93-1*/N93-5*/N93i-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N93i-5*/N95-1*/N95-2 (8GB)*/N95-3* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N95-4*/N95-5*/N95-6*/N96-1* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N96-3*/N96-5*/N97-1*/N97-3* Partial or unofficial
Nokia N97-4*/N97-5*/N97-6* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson D750i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson F500* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson J300a*/J300c*/J300i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson K300a*/K300c*/K300i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson K500c*/K500i*/K506c*/K508c* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson K508i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson K600*/K608i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson K700c*/K700i*/K750c*/K750i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson S700*/S710a* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson T610*/T616*/T618*/T628* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson T630*/T637* Partial or unofficial
Model Direct upload of
polyphonic ringtones
Sony Ericsson V600i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson V800* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson W600* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson W800c*/W800i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson Z500*/Z520a*/Z520c*/Z520i* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson Z600*/Z608* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson Z800* Partial or unofficial
Sony Ericsson Z1010* Partial or unofficial
Motorola C350g*/C353*/C359* Partial or unofficial
Motorola E1 ROKR* Partial or unofficial
Motorola E550* Partial or unofficial
Motorola E680*/E680i* Partial or unofficial
Motorola E815* Partial or unofficial
Motorola v220* Partial or unofficial
Motorola V3 RAZR* Partial or unofficial
Motorola v535*/v545*/v550* Partial or unofficial
Motorola v620* Partial or unofficial
Motorola v710* Partial or unofficial
Samsung D500* Partial or unofficial
Samsung E720*/E730*/E780* Partial or unofficial

Other MIDI phones:
You can create standard MIDI files for any MIDI device using PolyPhonix, but direct upload is only supported for the indicated models above.

If your phone is not listed, then it may still be supported (try the demo!) For information about other handsets, contact us, or visit our phone database.


Latest news

Latest versions:
Pro Suite: v3.0
Mobius/PX: v3.0
MobiMB: v3.6
PolyPhonix Studio: v1.8
MobiFX: v1.3

Nokia models currently in beta test: RM-590 RM-591 RM-514 RM-515 RM-519 RM-520 RM-578 RM-579

24 Oct 2009
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24 Oct 2009
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Customer Quotes
"After spending literally 30 hours trying to get a 'genuine' Nokia cable working I decided to get one of your cables instead. It was simple to install and worked perfectly first time on both a Win98SE and Win2000 machine. I would recommend your cables to anybody."
- Ben, Australia


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