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If you are having a technical problem, please use this form to describe in as much detail as you can, your problem, and system configuration:

Note: users of the Nokia 1100, 1110, 1200, 1600, 1650, 2310, 2600, please use MobiFX, not MobiMB

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Latest news

Latest versions:
Pro Suite: v3.0
Mobius/PX: v3.0
MobiMB: v3.6
PolyPhonix Studio: v1.8
MobiFX: v1.3

Nokia models currently in beta test: RM-590 RM-591 RM-514 RM-515 RM-519 RM-520 RM-578 RM-579

24 Oct 2009
New! LogoManager 10 year anniversary specials

24 Oct 2009
New! LogoManager Pro Suite 3.0 is now available. Get it today! (Mobius/PX v3.0, MobiMB v3.6, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

Customer Quotes
Pro Suite: "Wow! I am playing around with this for a 1/2 hour and let me tell you that this is the best program that I have ever seen for a Mobile phone! Thank you! This is like being a kid in a free candy store!"
- Nathan, U.S.A.


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