The phone explorer

LogoManager provides easy access to most of the features in your phone via the phone explorer window (F9).

From here, you can manage your phonebook, groups and speed dials, as well as being able to access more advanced features for some graphic types. You can also opt to save backups of individual branches so that you can restore your data or transfer them to another phone. Most items are controlled using a right-click context menu, or using drag and drop.

The first time you access the explorer, it is necessary for LogoManager to do an initial read of your phone's data, which can take several moments. If this does not happen automatically, just right-click on the relevant item and select 'read from phone'. For your convenience, LogoManager includes PhoneCache technology so that once the information is loaded to the PC, the data will be available immediately the next time you connect to that handset.  If you need to refresh the cached data, just right-click the item and select 'read from phone'.

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Backing up your data