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LogoManager Pro Suite $29.95

Full details...
New! Save with LogoManager Pro Suite, a combined package containing our two favourite products MobiMB and Mobius/PX.
MobiMB Mobile Media Browser $18.95

Full details...
5 star review 5/5 (Computer Shopper)

Top seller! Manage colour wallpaper, operator logos, photos, polyphonic ringtones and games with this easy to use tool. Browse your gallery folders and drag & drop into your phone! Compatibility list).

PolyPhonix Studio $21.95

Full details...
Create and optimise polyphonic ringtones for your mobile phone. PolyPhonix Studio is a full SP-MIDI editor with many features designed specifically for mobiles. You can design MIDI files for any compatible handset, or upload directly to supported Nokia phones.
Mobius/PX $21.95

Full details...
Explore, print and save your phonebooks and SMS folders with total ease! This brand new software puts you in control with drag & drop. Special introductory price for a limited period only!
MobiFX $6.95

Full details...
Grab images, automatically cut to size and upload to your phone with this easy to use logo creator and uploader for the Nokia 1600, 2600 and 2310 (more phones coming soon!)
LogoManager Classic $20.95

Full details...
Create your own Logos and Ringtones and manage your phonebook with LogoManager Personal Edition, the award-winning software for your PC. Compatible with a wide range of Nokia phones.

Main features:
Ringtones  Group graphics
Operator logos  Startup logos
Phonebook  Backup/restore
Messaging  Flashing SMS

LogoManager Business Licence $44.95

Full details...
Customize your business phones with your company logo and back up/copy your phonebook contacts. The business licence (single machine) enables use of LogoManager with as many handsets as needed within your company.
LogoManager Bus Ed Upgrade $35.95

Full details...
Upgrade from the Personal Edition to the Business Edition (requires existing licence). The business licence (single machine) enables use of LogoManager with as many handsets as needed within your company.
LogoManager Special Dealer Licence $44.95

Full details...
Special licence for mobile phone dealerships who wish to use LogoManager to customize the phones you sell. Special terms apply (click below for details).
LogoManager Commercial Licence $322.95

Full details...
Want to sell logos and ringtones to your customers? Need to connect your PC to an unlimited number of handsets? The commercial licence licenses you to use LogoManager on a for-profit basis.
LogoManager Retail Edition $21.95

Full details...
The retail version of our award-winning software makes an ideal gift. Included in the package is the software CD, hundreds of sample logos and a comprehensive setup/user guide. This version also includes access to free online software updates as they become available.


Latest news

Latest versions:
Pro Suite: v3.0
Mobius/PX: v3.0
MobiMB: v3.6
PolyPhonix Studio: v1.8
MobiFX: v1.3

Nokia models currently in beta test: RM-590 RM-591 RM-514 RM-515 RM-519 RM-520 RM-578 RM-579

24 Oct 2009
New! LogoManager 10 year anniversary specials

24 Oct 2009
New! LogoManager Pro Suite 3.0 is now available. Get it today! (Mobius/PX v3.0, MobiMB v3.6, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

Customer Quotes
Pro Suite: "At last, fully functional, user friendly, easy to set up & use software at a fair price, able to access both the Sim & Phone memory of my Nokia 3220, a feature Nokia's own software failed to achieve. Very quick, polite & patient customer service - Long may LogoManager continue."
- John Ilsley, UK


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