Frequently asked questions
Q1001   I am getting the 'Accessory connected' message, but nothing seems to work
Q1002   Does LogoManager work with the Tekram 210B infrared dongle?
Q1003   When I send via SMS, I get 'Message cannot be displayed here' - what's wrong?
Q1004   Why are most of the buttons on the toolbar disabled?
Q1005   What is a 'bad checksum'?
Q1006   Why can't I send SMS messages via my modem?
Q1007   How do I upgrade?
Q1008   Does LogoManager work with the 8810, 8850,8210?
Q1009   What are the charges for sending graphics via SMS?
Q1010   How do I reset an operator Logo I sent to another phone via SMS?
Q1011   Does LogoManager work with the 7110?
Q1012   I have just upgraded and configured for IrDA, but it doesn't work - what's wrong?

I have installed other synchronisation software but I can't connect with LogoManager.

Q1014 Why is the logo preview window empty, or shifted up?
Q1015 Is it possible to download existing ringtones from the phone to the PC?
Q1016 When LogoManager starts, the compuiter reboots/blue screen appears.
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Frequently asked questions