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News in 2008

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27-Nov-2008 - LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.8

LogoManager Pro Suite 2.9.8 is available today. This version includes a number of improvements to the user interface and some fixes for certain issues some users encountered. (Mobius/PX v2.9.8, MobiMB v3.5.3, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

New in LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.8

  • General changes
    • New: Added Nokia 5000, 5000D, 5000D-2, T-Mobile 5610 XpressMusic, 7070 Prism/Prism d-2, 2760h
    • New: Added Nokia 6300i, 6220c-1, 1681 Classic 2B
    • New: Show balloon tips with special notices on connection to certain phones
    • Changed: Improved recovery time when a connection hangs due to lack of response from phone
  • Mobius/PX v2.9.8
    • New: Added support for reading SMS messages on some low end phones (phone memory messages only, unofficial feature)
    • New: Added support for multiple phonebook numbers and number types on Nokia 1208, 2310 and some other models
    • New: Added support for afirstname/lastname templates
    • New: Support reading SkypeOut numbers
    • New: Added option to call a number using Skype
    • New: Added Chinese language
    • New: Added ability to print a hardcopy of the bottom detail pane when it is in focus
    • New: Remember list view column widths between sessions
    • New: Added zooming to list view (right-click list header)
    • New: Added an option to select name format when importing from an external source (John Smith vs Smith, John)
    • New: Added 'copy detail' option to copy subitems to the clipboard from the list view
    • Changed: Improved display scheme under Windows 98
    • Fixed: A problem with modifying contacts containing a multipart address field more than once
    • Fixed: Spurious error messages when saving phonebook entries to some 1xxx and 2xxx series phones
    • Fixed: Some Unicode issues in Windows 98
    • Fixed: Resource problems in Windows 98
    • Fixed: A problem with the number of pages printed in landscape mode
  • MobiMB v3.5.3
    • New: Added logo context menu for 6500 Classic and 8800 Arte and some others (BETA)
    • Fixed: Various issues under Windows 98
    • Fixed: A problem with IE5 systems on shutdown

18-Jul-2008 - LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.7

LogoManager Pro Suite 2.9.7 is available today. This version completes the migration to the new user interface and adds further usability features (Mobius/PX v2.9.7, MobiMB v3.5.2, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

New in LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.7

  • General changes
    • New: Added Nokia 1680 Classic, 3120 Classic
  • Mobius/PX v2.9.7
    • New: added option to export to a Mobius backup file
    • New: added printing and print preview facility for new list views
    • New: user can now add and remove columns to the main listview (right-click a column header)
    • New: user column configuration is now persisted between sessions
    • Changed: try to use a suitable set of list view columns in general folders that don't contain a specific item type
    • Changed: CSV export now exports multipart postal address fields
    • Changed: can now import contact text fields from a CSV file created by Mobius
    • Changed: group sorted items by item type
    • Changed: automatically re-sort at the end of a sync
    • Changed: improved display of dates in call logs
    • Fixed: sorted items were not always updated on the display
    • Fixed: failure when refreshing certain phone folders
    • Fixed: phone details were not displaying in phone view
    • Fixed: problem clicking hyperlinks in certain Windows shell versions
    • Fixed: failure when trying to print the contents of an empty folder
    • Fixed: problem that caused column autosizing to sometimes fail on double-click
    • Fixed: failure to start Mobius in Windows 98 and Windows 2000
    • Fixed: problem backing up folders containing filters (i.e. caller groups in a phonebook)
    • Fixed: problem dragging items into a caller group folder

17-Jun-2008 - LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.6

LogoManager Pro Suite 2.9.6 is available today. This version improves performance and adds support for several new mobile phones (Mobius/PX v2.9.6, MobiMB v3.5.2, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

New in LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.6

  • General changes
    • New: Added Nokia 6131 NFC, 6263, 6080B
  • Mobius/PX v2.9.6
    • New: Added sorting headers in list view
    • Changed: Significantly improved performance displaying contacts and messages
    • Fixed: Problem with changing a contact name on a phone that has first/last name fields for that contact

5-May-2008 - LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.5

LogoManager Pro Suite 2.9.5 has been released with a number of improvements, and introduces support for a range of new models. (Mobius/PX v2.9.5, MobiMB v3.5.1, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

New in LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.5

  • Mobius/PX v2.9.5
    • New: Added support for phonebook management on the Nokia 110x, 111x, 12xx, 1600, 1650, 2300, 2600 and others
    • New: Added back and forward navigation buttons
    • Changed: Display times in system local time
    • Fixed: Problem with interpreting time zones in SMS messages on some phones

31-Mar-2008 - LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.3

LogoManager Pro Suite 2.9.3 has been released with a number of improvements. (Mobius/PX v2.9.3, MobiMB v3.5.1, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

New in LogoManager Pro Suite V2.9.3

  • General changes
    • New: Added options for CA-70 and CA-101 cables
    • New: Added Nokia 2505, 3109 Classic B
    • New: Added Nokia 8800 Arte and 8800 Sapphire Arte
    • New: Added MobiFX support for the Nokia 1116, 1209, 1650B, 2600 Classic, 2600 Classic B
    • New: Added Nokia 2126, 2126i, 2128i, 5070, 5070B, 6080B
    • New: Added MobiMB detection for N95 8GB
    • Fixed: Issue that could cause the connection manager to throw an error during shutdown

  • Mobius/PX v2.9.3
    • New: Added ability to read and write first name/last name fields in phones that support it

  • MobiMB v3.5.1
    • No other changes

  • PolyPhonix Studio v1.8
    • No other changes

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24 Oct 2009
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24 Oct 2009
New! LogoManager Pro Suite 3.0 is now available. Get it today! (Mobius/PX v3.0, MobiMB v3.6, Polyphonix Studio v1.8)

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